I remember the journey so well .... Each week thinking I’m never going to be able to do that! Then breaking that 20 mins continuous running wall - you will do it with Laura and Kiley’s support.
— Michaela Page - C25K Nov '16 Graduate


We have been running our Signature Couch to 5K programs for over a year now and have guided numerous women from their first tentative steps through to being able to run 5k.  During this time though we've spoken to some mums who have said they would love to take up or return to running but aren't able to fit their runs in around childcare.  So why not bring your little one along for the ride in their buggy?



Our Buggy Couch to 5k program follows the same format as our usual C25K programs (find out more here), the only difference being that your little one can come along for the ride in their buggy. We will select a route that is relatively smooth and flat, and also with nearby facilities should you need them.  Our route will also be traffic free to help you build up your confidence with running with a buggy.  These sessions aren't just open to mums and carers with babies but also mums with toddlers

COST - £125.00.   

If you are a relatively new mum, please check with your GP or health visitor that it is safe for you to start exercising. Similarly, please undertake your own research in to the suitability of your buggy for buggy running and whether it fulfills the requirements for the age of your little one. Please note that you will be joining a buggy running group at your own risk and accept full responsibility for the health & safety of your infant(s) and any equipment you attend with.


I joined the programme as I needed to get off the couch. I wanted to be fitter and tone it all up now I was the other side of 40! I’m a gentle runner in terms of speed and thought I needed to keep up. I really didn’t - I was running and that was all that mattered. I am so proud of myself - I never thought I could run for 5 minutes, never mind 5km. I did it - me! Who would have thought?! Lace your shoes up and meet some new supportive people - I am so pleased I did
— Rebecca Reddy - C25K Nov '16 Graduate