It’s not a competition, it’s about finding your own pace and goals. No one is better or worse than anyone else. It’s all about you, with support. Just do it and enjoy the journey.
— Tania Angell - C25K Aug '16 Graduate, 2016 Mourant Ozanne Relay Race team member, 2016 6k Durrell Dash finisher, 2017 Novice 10k program particpant


Wanting to mix up your training?  Feel that you've reached a plateau? Aware that your running form may need improving?



The benefits of interval training are well documented and help with your aerobic endurance and running form.  Our interval sessions last no more than 30 minutes and consist of a warm-up followed by a running interval then a recovery walk or jog which is repeated several times.  Your qualified Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF) will guide you through the session explaining what the format is and giving you cues as to when to commence each interval.  

Whilst our intervals are held in a group session, everyone works at their own level.  Your LiRF recognises that everyone is different and works at different paces but will structure the session to make it inclusive for everyone.

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