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Kiley Hatter qualified as a Leader in Running Fitness in February 2017 after falling back in love with running in 2016 and understanding how the C25K program was such a supportive way of introducing women to running.


Kiley hatter - MY STORY

I've always been into my sports and have a long history of setting myself big sporting challenges. My 20s and 30s involved all sorts of adventures. I've won the Sark to Jersey rowing race several times, taken part in the Round Island Cycle, the Carey Olsen Yacht Race, the Itex Walk, Sandstorm Adventure Race, the 3 day Militia Challenge, and the Jersey Half Marathon.  I've rowed around Jersey three times and in 2010, I took part in a 76 day unsupported row across the Atlantic.

After all of that and 23 years after my eldest child was born, I decided to try a new adventure and at 40, I had my youngest daughter who is now two. Determined to keep my fitness up but with the time constraints of a young child, I was looking for something that would be easy to get in to and not too time consuming. So, 6 weeks after she was born I threw on my trainers, walked out the front door and started running. Several attempts later with lots of stopping, starting and gasping for breath it was suggested that I try doing a Couch to 5K course to start from scratch and build up my fitness slowly.

What I learned doing that course has stuck with me to this day. Running is about pacing, pacing, pacing and it's so much easier running with other people. I couldn't believe from that point on how much I enjoyed running when I had always found it a struggle. With this in mind, and after some inspiration from Laura, I realised that I had found my next adventure and that I wanted to move away from competitive sports and start giving something back by supporting other girls on their own fitness journeys. That's what JERSEY GIRLS is all about. Laura and I have very different stories but we share the total love of running and supporting our girls in achieving their own goals.

My 2010 Atlantic Crossing

My 2010 Atlantic Crossing