Kiley Hatter qualified as a Leader in Running Fitness in February 2017 after falling back in love with running in 2016 and understanding how the C25K program was such a supportive way of introducing women to running.

Kiley Hatter - MY STORY

I have always feel a relatively fit and active person with rowing being my main passion [insert personal accomplishments].  However, whilst I had run in the past, I had always struggled with my pacing and consistency.  I joined a local running group's Couch to 5k program in 2016 and during this, I started to understand that many people who take up running try to do too much too soon and soon get disillusioned.  

Being a mum of three, I understand the challenges that many women face trying to juggle their health and fitness goals alongside a full time job and bringing up a family.  I am aware of the importance of giving women the support they need so when Laura decided to set up JERSEY GIRLS, I jumped at the chance to be involved to help women achieve their goals. After seeing how rewarding it was supporting so many women through C25K and through the training for JERSEY GIRLS' marathon Relay Teams, I decided to become a qualified Leader in Running Fitness so that I could fully support the women joining JERSEY GIRLS.


My 2009 Atlantic Crossing

Denali National Park

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This One Tree Somewhere

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