It’s not a competition, it’s about finding your own pace and goals. No one is better or worse than anyone else. It’s all about you, with support. Just do it and enjoy the journey.
— Tania Angell - C25K Aug '16 Graduate, 2016 Mourant Ozanne Relay Race team member, 2016 6k Durrell Dash finisher, 2017 Novice 10k program particpant


We are aware that there are many women out there who enjoy running but may find it a bit solitary going out for runs by themselves, maybe need some motivation to get out there, or just want to run with the company of others.



We hold our Sunday Soci week.  The routes are circular and each month we put on one run of around 7/8k, another of around 8/10k, and a "Super Slow Sunday" run of around 5k and aimed at women who have perhaps just completed a C25K and are looking to build their confidence for group running.  The route each week is planned by your qualified LiRF who will try and make it challenging, but enjoyable at the same time, exploring the beautiful lanes that Jersey has to offer.  

Each run starts and finishes near a cafe so that we can have a catch up over coffee and breakfast afterwards.

Contact us if you're interested in joining our Sunday Socials