It’s not a competition, it’s about finding your own pace and goals. No one is better or worse than anyone else. It’s all about you, with support. Just do it and enjoy the journey.
— Tania Angell - C25K Aug '16 Graduate, 2016 Mourant Ozanne Relay Race team member, 2016 6k Durrell Dash finisher, 2017 Novice 10k program particpant


So you've gone through a C25k program, or may already be a regular runner.  You may be happy pulling on your trainers a couple of times a week and enjoying the benefits of a 30 minute run.  Some though want to increase their distances and maybe have their eye on a 10k race, or possibly even a longer distance.



Our 5k and Beyond programs are aimed at those runners who are comfortably running 5k and maybe want the challenge of working towards longer distances such as a 10k.  Our 5k and Beyond programs are usually run with a focus of an event at the end such as the Stroke Association 10k Resolution Run, or The Durrell Challenge 2017, a 13k road race.  Our programs, which will vary in length depending on what distance we are working towards, will focus on two 30 minute sessions during the week and a longer run at the weekend which will increase week on week to build up to your final distance.

Throughout the course you will be guided by a qualified Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF) who understands that each person is unique and will progress at different rates.  Your LiRF will be on hand to help you with your pacing and to ensure that you progress at a rate that's comfortable and achievable to you, but will also ensure that you are challenged.  

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